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College Basketball Rankings Week 11

Posted on: January 24, 2011 8:30 pm
This is getting tougher every week, and not in a good way.  I could have been pulling names out of a hat after 16 or so.  Having teams ranked because they blow less than other teams.... that is a major blow.  To college basketball.
Rankings for Week 11
 1. Pittsburgh            (19-1)   - I had them first last week - and defeating Syracuse is more impressive than Illinois.... sorry, OSU fans.
 2. Ohio St.              (20-0)   +2 - Very impressive indeed against Illinois - but not unbeatable. 
 3. Duke                  (18-1)   - Do many people really do think that San Diego State is better?  Do they have Coach K?
 4. San Diego St.         (20-0)   +2 - Continues to win... but I am not convinced they belong this high.  They are here because everyone else is inconsistent.
 5. Texas                 (16-3)   +6 - Impressive road win over Kansas this week. Apart from a one point loss to Connecticut, they have been piling on the wins since early December, and many of them were against top 30 teams.
 6. Kansas                (18-1)   -1 - Gotta move them below Texas if they end up next to each other...
 7. Brigham Young         (19-1)   - Piling on the wins... but... MWC is a lot weaker than other conferences (apart from the top 3).
 8. Connecticut           (16-2)   - One of the most impressive records in the very tough Big East.
 9. Villanova             (17-2)   - Falls to Connecticut on the road but rebounds with a great road win at Syracuse.
10. Syracuse              (18-2)   -8 - Two tough losses to very good teams this week.
11. Purdue                (17-3)   +5 - Nice win over Michigan State.
12. Wisconsin             (15-4)   +3 - Solid team, solid wins.
13. Texas A&M             (16-2)   -1
14. Missouri              (17-3)   -1
15. Notre Dame            (16-4)   +3
16. Kentucky              (15-4)   -6
17. Washington            (15-4)   +5
18. Minnesota             (15-4)   +5
19. Illinois              (14-6)   +1 - Couldn't pull it out against Ohio State; but showed that can play well even if McCamey has an off night. Oh, yeah, and beat Michigan State, too, this week.
20. West Virginia         (13-5)   -6 - Eenie, meanie, mini, moo, are we beating Purdue this week or losing to Marshall?
21. Vanderbilt            (14-4)  New - Could be pulling the names out of a hat after this.  They have better numbers than many others...
22. Georgetown            (14-5)   +2 - Georgetown is totally overrated.  But there is no one else to rate here
23. Cincinnati            (17-3)  New
24. Arizona               (16-4)  New
25. Louisville            (15-4)   -8 - Sad week when you lose to Providence but still stay in the rankings.

Next Ten:
26. Virginia Tech         (13-5)  +12 - Putting together a nice string of wins
27. Florida St.           (15-5)  +20 - they beat Duke, hello! And some of the better teams in the ACC (which is't much this year, but hey, you gotta play your schedule.)
28. Michigan St.          (12-7)   -9 - They are playing good teams... and... losing to them.  This ain't looking like a Final Four team to me, no matter what Gary Parrish says.
29. Nevada Las Vegas      (15-5)   -4 - Come on now, Colorado State, at home, by 15?
30. Marquette             (13-7)   +1
31. Florida               (15-4)   +2
32. North Carolina        (13-5)   -2
33. Maryland              (12-7)   +1
34. Temple                (13-5)   -5 - Two conference road losses... but... in a weak conference, you gotta beat the weaker teams to compile a rankable resume.
35. Utah St.              (18-2)   +2

Others on watch list: St. Mary's, St. John's, Tennessee, Washington St.

New this week: Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Arizona
Dropped out: Michigan St., Nevada Las Vegas, Gonzaga

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 6:29 pm

College Basketball Rankings Week 11

Have to agree after #16 its very hard

Nice to see no crazy ranking for the Zags or Butler

Regarding the Illini, Richmond had two very nice games.  He needs to be in the starting line-up time for Cole to head to the bench.   Thoughts

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